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Lily Kildosher
Purchased the cookies before sending to family and friends. Great product. Cookies are so moist and satisfying. sent to my friend for her birthday and she just loved them. Right amount of chocolate chips in each bite. Great service. I have shipped their products...
Danielle Beck
My dad is a sweets fanatic. I was looking to order him cookies for Father's day. I went to a well know cookie company but they were so over priced. I googled cookies and Carolina Cookie came up. I decided to try them because the prices were great! Well my...
Lance Forsythe
We received a box of Carolina Cookies as a thank-you gift. What a pleasant surprise, made even more wonderful by these delicious cookies! They were so fresh, so flavorful, so addicting, we had to stash them away just to have any left for tomorrow! Our assortment included sugar, peanut butter,...
When I read a review, all I want to know is "how good is the product." Caroline cookies receive the highest rating from me of "5 stars." Quality and price are good. I have been giving them as special occasion gifts for years, and they never fail to please.
Mary Wise
Received these cookies in the mail late yesterday afternoon. They were a gift so it was definitely unexpected. They are delicious. Package nicely. And I love the additional little pamphlet and a basic customer service sheet. I’m so glad this is from a small business. You guys are doing great....