About Us

The only way ... Fresh every day! That's our promise at the Carolina Cookie Company, where we always bake our gourmet cookies in the tradition of homemade Southern hospitality. Our premium gourmet cookies are mouth-watering treats made the old fashioned way, fresh each and every day. And every Carolina Cookie is baked, packed and shipped by hand, because we know you wouldn't have it any other way!

Our gourmet cookies are a celebration of the finest ingredients and unsurpassed quality. Smooth creamy butter, luscious chunks of rich chocolate, real fruit and fresh whole nuts are just a sampling of the abundant goodness found in each flavor of Carolina Cookies. And every delicious selection is a testament to the timeless art of hand-baking, because we bake our cookies fresh each morning.

Whether you're ordering for a friend or for a customer, for yourself or for your family, our Carolina Cookie guarantee is simple: If your cookies were shipped today, they were baked today! Tastefully packaged for any occasion, they are sure to bring a smile. Please take a few moments to browse our entire selection of fresh-baked cookies and buy gourmet cookies from Carolina Cookie Company today!