Flavors & Nutritional Information

Most recipients of our Carolina Cookie gifts love the variety of the cookie selections traditionally sent in our gifts, but you can also specify the cookies you send! When placing an item in your online cart, you will have the opportunity to specify either our regular assortment, our no nuts assortment or one specific flavor. During December, we do not guarantee that you will get a specific flavor assortment. However, if you specify a specific flavor for your order, we do guarantee that you will get what you requested.

Our Delicious Gourmet Cookie Flavors

Our gourmet cookies are superior because of their ingredients. We have 12 delicious gourmet cookie flavors that we bake. On any given day we are baking four to five of our most popular flavors on a rotating basis. Unless you know that your recipient wants a particular flavor... let us send them the assortment we are baking that day... 99% of our customers and recipients say they would rather have a variety to pick from as opposed to one flavor. View our daily baking chart.

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Gourmet Cookie Flavors - Available Year Round (*indicates cookies with nuts included)

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Special Flavors - Available for Limited Time (*indicates cookies with nuts included)

Click on each cookie image to view the ingredients and nutritional information for that cookie.

Cookie Singles - 2.1 ounce

Our Delicious Sugar Free Cookie Flavors

You won't believe these amazing tasting cookies are Sugar Free! We have three wonderful Sugar Free flavors they'll love. Choose one or send an assortment of all three. Like our traditional gourmet cookies, these Sugar Free cookies are baked fresh for each customer, each morning, and shipped that day. Our Sugar Free cookies are available in many different packages. Check out our Sugar Free page for a complete collection of sugar free cookie gifts.

Please be advised that our sugar-free cookies are not a reduced calorie cookie. They are intended for consumption by diabetics. Please contact us if you have any questions about this product. Thank you.

Click on each cookie image to view the ingredients and nutritional information for that cookie.

Sugar Free Flavors

Our ingredients:

Our cookies may have any of the following ingredients in them. If you have any specific food allergies we suggest you carefully review this list of ingredients before you consume our products.

INGREDIENTS: Peanut Butter, peanuts, assorted nuts, dextrose, hydrogenated vegetable oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil, lecithin, lecithin concentrate, salt, sugar, invert sugar, partially hydrogenated vegetable shortening, palm oil, non-fat milk, soy, artificial and natural flavorings, enriched unbleached wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin B1 & B2, riboflavin, folic acid, brown sugar, water, butter, eggs, leavening, sodium bicarbonate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, calcium phosphate, mono and diglycerides, whey, sodium caseinate, sodium metabisulfite, sulfur dioxide, macadamia nuts, emulsifiers, milk chocolate, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, semi-sweet chocolate, vanilla, pecans, wheat germ, wheat gluten, FD&C red # 40, FD&C yellow #5, FD&C#1, buttermilk, raisins, walnuts, rolled oats, lemon juice solids, lactose, milk fat, almonds, malted barley flour, molasses, caramel, ginger, assorted spices, cranberries, honey, orange peels, corn syrup, citric acid.